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Table 1 Implementation strategies and tools by Program Change Model (PCM) phase

From: Community-based implementation and effectiveness in a randomized trial of a risk reduction intervention for HIV-serodiscordant couples: study protocol

PCM Phase Tools and strategies Purpose
Training Eban training manuals Provides instructions for intervention delivery
Eban videos Operationalizes intervention core elements
Eban Sharepoint Provides all training tools in accessible format
Adoption HIV Fact Sheets (patient and provider versions) Educates about HIV prevention
Adoption Project kick-off Engages sites in project, concretizes expectations
Site coordinators Serve as intervention champions and liaisons
Implementation Monthly inter-agency calls Build sense of communal effort; sustain leadership support
Continual feedback on implementation Supports tailoring of implementation strategies
Technical assistance, especially during sustainability Promotes collaboration and commitment to sustainability
Pre-sustainability workshops Increase likelihood of sustainability
Practice improvement Project wrap-up retreat Promotes scale up and spread