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Table 2 Qualitative data collection plan

From: Implementation and evaluation of the 5As framework of obesity management in primary care: design of the 5As Team (5AsT) randomized control trial

Method Justification Timeframe
Intervention Phase
Session field notes Description: context, implementation process. 0-6 months
Semi-Structured Interviews All 5AsT randomized providers. Baseline data: intervention content and process feedback-loop. Initial 3 months
Personal views and practice, values fit, clinic climate.
Focus Groups Evaluation of tools developed during sessions. 6 months
Passive Phase
Log book Diary notes of passive observations on clinical impact. 0–12 months Clinical Champion
Sustainability Phase
Focus Groups Best practices and intervention impact during the passive phase. 12-24 months
Data Mixing   
Semi-structured interviews with key providers. Follow-up of emergent questions. 14-16 months
Semi-Structured interviews with selected patients. Contextual factors that may have influenced patient behaviors. 18-24 months