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Table 1 RE-AIM framework as a guide for project evaluation

From: Implementation and evaluation of the 5As framework of obesity management in primary care: design of the 5As Team (5AsT) randomized control trial

Domain Description Measure for patients Measure for providers
R each Degree to which target population is reached • number recruited • Control/intervention groups
• percent attrition • Intervention attendance
• patient characteristics • Provider-chosen topics (subject appropriateness)
E ffectiveness Impact on study outcome • SF 12 • Quantitative primary
• BMI outcome measure
• 5AsT vs. non 5AsT patients • Self-reported efficacy
A daptation Organizational uptake Not applicable • Sustainability phase
• Repeat provider interviews
I mplementation Intervention implementation as intended Not applicable • Learning collaborative
• Organizational by-in
• Practice facilitation
• Feedback loops
M aintenance Can program outcomes be sustained over time? • Longitudinal data collection • Longitudinal data collection