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Table 2 Included clinical guidelines

From: Updated recommendations: an assessment of NICE clinical guidelines

Original clinical guidelines Updated clinical guidelines
Title Development centre Publication date Title Development centre Publication date
- Anaemia management in chronic kidney disease (CG39) (replaced by CG114)[24] NCC-CC Sep-06 - Anaemia management in people with chronic kidney disease (CG114)[28] NCGC Feb-11
- Caesarean section (CG13) (replaced by CG132)[21] NCC-WCH Apr-04 - Caesarean section (CG132)[29] NCC-WCH Nov-11
- Chronic heart failure (CG5) (replaced by CG108)[19] NCC-CC Jul-03 - Chronic heart failure (CG108)[27] NCGC-ACC Aug-10
- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (CG12) (replaced by CG101)[20] NCC-CC Feb-04 - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (updated) (CG101)[26] NCGC-ACC Jun-10
- Epilepsy (CG20) (replaced by CG137)[22] NCC-PC Oct-04 - Epilepsy (CG137)[30] NCGC-ACC Jan-12
- Fertility (CG11) (replaced by CG156)[13] NCC-WCH Feb-04 - Fertility (CG156)[14] NCC-WCH Feb-13
- Head injury (CG4) (replaced by CG56) (withdrawn)[18] NCC-AC Jun-03 - Head injury (CG56)[25] NCC-AC Sep-07
- Infection control (CG2) (replaced by CG139)[17] National Collaborating Centre for Nursing & Supportive Care and Thames Valley University Jun-03 - Infection control (CG139)[31] NCGC-ACC Mar-12
- Lung cancer (CG24) (replaced by CG121)[23] NCC-AC Feb-05 - Lung cancer (CG121)[15] NCC-C Apr-11
  1. Abbreviations: NCC-AC National Collaborating Centre for Acute Care, NCC-C National Collaborating Centre for Cancer, NCC-CC National Collaborating Centre for Chronic Conditions, NCC-PC National Collaborating Centre for Primary Care, NCC-WCH National Collaborating Centre for Women and Children’s Health, NCGC National Clinical Guideline Centre, NCGC-ACC National Clinical Guideline Centre for Acute and Chronic Conditions.