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Table 3 pMTCT outcome measures

From: Systems analysis and improvement to optimize pMTCT (SAIA): a cluster randomized trial

Study measure Numerator/Denominator
1. Uptake of HIV counseling and testing # women counseled and tested for HIV in their first ANC visit # first ANC visits
2. Use of appropriate ARVs in pregnancy for prophylaxis or initiation of cART # HIV infected pregnant women starting AZT prophylaxis or cART # women testing HIV positive in ANC 3 months previously
3. Infant HIV determination # infants < 6 weeks of age receiving a PCR test # women testing HIV positive in ANC 5 months previously
  1. ANC: Antenatal care; ARV: Antiretroviral; AZT: Azidothymidine; cART: combination antiretroviral therapy; HIV: Human immunodeficiency virus; PCR: Polymerase chain reaction.