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Table 1 Description of the addiction corpus comprised of five motivational interviewing studies

From: Scaling up the evaluation of psychotherapy: evaluating motivational interviewing fidelity via statistical text classification

Study Description Sessions Talk turns Wordsf
ARCa Brief alcohol intervention for first year college students with some indication of drinking related problems. 10 1,768 72,712
ESPSBb Brief alcohol intervention for students intending to drink during their upcoming spring break trip. 20 5,266 182,738
ESP21c Brief alcohol intervention for students turning twenty-one years old. 41 9,967 391,164
HMCBId Brief drug intervention for adults presenting at primary care clinics who indicate drug use. 70 11,039 284,097
iCHAMPe Brief marijuana intervention for college students with some indication of marijuana-related problems 7 1,950 74,213
Total   148 29,990 1,004,924
  1. aAlcohol Research Collaborative: Peer Programs [19].
  2. bEvent Specific Prevention: Spring Break [17].
  3. cEvent Specific Prevention: Twenty First Birthday [18].
  4. dBrief Intervention for Problem Drug Use and Abuse in Primary Care [15].
  5. eIndicated Marijuana Prevention for Frequently Using College Students [16].
  6. fExcludes punctuation.