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Table 2 Organizational visibility of SIPP in funding agencies

From: How research funding agencies support science integration into policy and practice: An international overview

Visibility Funding agencies
Absent ARC. no specific directions
External INSERM. INSERM Transfert SA a private entity from INSERM
Internal CNRS Direction of innovation and relationships with companies (translation)
ANR. Partnership and competitiveness; investment in the future (translation)
EPA Office of science policy
NIH Office of science policy analysis
CIHR Knowledge translation branch; partnerships and citizen engagement branch; communications and public outreach branch
SSHRC Knowledge mobilization and program integration division
NHMRC Research investment direction/Prog Grants, Knowledge Translation & Capacity Building
NSERC Research partnerships program directorate; research grants and scholarship directorate
  1. For ZonMw and NIHR, we found no data on organizational structure for SIPP. Please note that NIHR does commission research on SIPP through the NHS and the Health Services and Delivery Research Programme [35].