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Table 2 The four EBMeDS decision support functions available for the healthcare professional

From: Patient-specific computer-based decision support in primary healthcare—a randomized trial

Function Description
Reminders (See Table 1 and Additional file 2 for more detail) These are patient-specific and the short version is shown automatically, the long version when the cursor hovers over the reminder. These are triggered on: opening of the patient record; or recording a new diagnosis; or prescribing new medication.
The focus of the present paper.
Guideline links These are shown in accordance with the patient’s diagnosis list and ICD-10 codes.
Virtual health check (VHC) The healthcare professional can run a (clinical) VHC on a selected group of patients. Patient-specific reminders appear on the screen, which can be used e.g., for planning the following day’s consultations.
Drug alerts Reminders triggered on prescribing a medication.