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Table 1 Tentative ‘best practices’ when designing A&F interventions

From: No more ‘business as usual’ with audit and feedback interventions: towards an agenda for a reinvigorated intervention

Audit components Data are valid
  Data is based on recent performance
  Data are about the individual/team’s own behavior(s)
  Audit cycles are repeated, with new data presented over time
Feedback components Presentation is multi-modal including either text and talking or text and graphical materials
  Delivery comes from a trusted source
  Feedback includes comparison data with relevant others
Nature of the behaviour change required Targeted behavior is likely to be amenable to feedback
  Recipients are capable and responsible for improvement
Targets, goals, and action plan The target performance is provided
  Goals set for the target behaviour are aligned with personal and organizational priorities
  Goals for target behaviour are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound
  A clear action plan is provided when discrepancies are evident