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Table 4 Data collection methods and participants of the process evaluation

From: Implementing a provider-initiated testing and counselling (PITC) intervention in Cape town, South Africa: a process evaluation using the normalisation process model

Methods Number of participants
Focus groups with staff, five months into the trial:  
• HIV Lay counsellors (one group) 8
• STI nurses (one group) 8
Focus groups with staff, 17 months into the trial:  
• HIV lay counsellors (one group) 5
• STI nurses (one group) 7
• Facility managers (one group) 11
• Project leaders (one group) 3
Participant observation during the 2006 to 2007 period. This included reviewing associated documents such as official minutes and researchers’ notes. The researcher attended multiple meetings (planning, preparation, supervision monitoring, and evaluation)
Participant observation of training: the researcher observed the first round of training for both STI nurses and lay counsellors and selected follow-up training. 10 STI nurses (and their clinical supervisors) and 12 lay counsellors
Interviews with patients. 20
Observation of nurse clinical consultations. 13