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Table 2 LSCTC training components

From: Implementing a training intervention to support caregivers after stroke: a process evaluation examining the initiation and embedding of programme change

The caregiver has demonstrated a knowledge and understanding of:
1) His/her relative having had a stroke (mandatory)
2) What a stroke is (mandatory)
3) His/her relative’s specific stroke related problems. Possible incomplete recovery
and residual unresolved problems:
a) Communication and reading
b) Cognition
c) Personality and mood changes
d) Diet and swallowing
e) Vision
f) Personal Activities of Daily Living (PADL)
g) Transfers and Mobility (as appropriate)
4) The importance of a healthy lifestyle and secondary preventions:
a) Control of blood pressure
b) Use of Aspirin / Warfarin or similar
c) Smoking
d) Appropriate diet, including prevention of excess weight gain
e) Exercise
f) Pain Management (mandatory)
5) Dietary needs and feeding techniques:
a) Special diet
b) Techniques to assist eating, including use of specialist equipment if necessary (as appropriate)
6) How to communicate with dysphasic relative (as appropriate)
7) How to manage relative’s personal washing, dressing, toiletry needs (as appropriate)
8) The importance of limb positioning and the management of pressure areas and skin integrity (as appropriate)
9) Continence management (as appropriate)
10) Bowel management, fluid and dietary intake for the prevention of constipation (as appropriate)
11) Appropriate techniques and ability in:
a) Safe transfers
b) Safely assisting mobility
c) Floor routine following a fall
d) Safely assisting in climbing stairs
e) Good use of a wheelchair
f) Use of aids (as appropriate)
12) The importance of compliance with medication (including supervision of self- or routine medication) (mandatory)
13) Post discharge arrangements and where and whom to seek help from after discharge (mandatory)
14) Adapting the knowledge and skills taught to the home environment following discharge (follow-up visit or phone call) (mandatory)