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Table 2 Clinical data elements

From: Improving evidence-based primary care for chronic kidney disease: study protocol for a cluster randomized control trial for translating evidence into practice (TRANSLATE CKD)

Data element Measure type
Year of birth Numerical
Gender M/F
Race/ethnicity Standard major groups and Other
Current smoking Current, never, past
Height and weight/BMI Hgt, wgt actual
Total visits/encounters Encounter records
Hemoglobin Numerical result
HDL Numerical result
LDL-C Numerical result
Triglycerides Numerical result
Creatinine Numerical result
AST Numerical result
ALT Numerical result
HbA1c Numerical result
25 OH Vitamin D Numerical result
Electrolytes Numerical result
Serum phosphorous Numerical result
PTH intact Numerical result
All medications Coded (NDC)/RxNorm
All diagnosis – active & inactive ICD-9
Blood pressure Systolic and diastolic
Estimated GFR Calculated value
Urine albumin/creatinine ratio Calculated value
Medicare insurance coverage Flag for medicare insurance
Nephrologists referrals Referral records (when available)