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Table 1 CFIR domains by study design and measures

From: An intervention to improve program implementation: findings from a two-year cluster randomized trial of Assets-Getting To Outcomes

CFIR domains How the domain aligns with AGTO Relevant study measures
Intervention characteristics AGTO walks practitioners through a systematic process to assess, and then improve, how well interventions fit with their target population, organization, and broader community No study-wide measures, but AGTO supported the development of process measures to assess these characteristics at the program level
Outer setting Broader social, economic, and political context of the 12 participating communities, outside the scope of AGTO Practitioners perceptions of how community context affected program implementation (qualitative interviews)
Individuals involved AGTO builds the prevention capacity of coalition members and program staff that comprise the study sample Practitioners prevention self-efficacy with AGTO and AGTO behaviors (coalition survey)
Inner setting AGTO targets improving the setting of interventions within the 12 community-based coalitions and 60 programs that comprise the study sample Practitioners satisfaction with coalition membership and leadership (coalition survey)
Implementation process AGTO proactively targets improvements to the implementation process at both the individual and program level so that implementation more closely aligns with empirically-based high quality prevention processes Self-reported exposure to AGTO (coalition survey) and utilization of AGTO TA (TA providers log) Program implementation along the 10 steps of AGTO (capacity interview)