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Table 1 EPICS sessions

From: Efficacy to effectiveness transition of an Educational Program to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening (EPICS): study protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial

# Title Content
1 Introduction to EPICS This session provides a general overview of colorectal cancer (CRC) facts. Definitions and screening guidelines; fecal occult blood test (FOBT), sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy; costs; insurance coverage
2 Colorectal cancer screening, symptoms and diagnosis Common symptoms explained. Finding the cause of symptoms through CEA assay, biopsy, x-rays, sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. Definition of treatment methods (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy) Clinical Trials; Social support; developing a plan; monitoring success; EPICS colorectal cancer screening goals.
3 Maintaining healthy habits This session encourages participants to incorporate healthier cooking and eating habits into their lifestyles. It also focuses on CRC screening as an important health habit. Incorporating these healthier lifestyles may potentially confound the effect of the intervention on CRC use.