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Table 1 Outcome Variables

From: Preventive evidence into practice (PEP) study: implementation of guidelines to prevent primary vascular disease in general practice protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Category Measures Time Point
Recorded risk factors Proportion of eligible patients with the following recorded 0 and 12 months
· In the previous 24 months:-
o Blood pressure (in patients without hypertension)
o Weight (with height for BMI)
o Waist circumference
o Fasting blood glucose
o Fasting Lipids
· Ever:-
o Smoking status
o Alcohol intake
Recalled Advice Proportion of eligible patients who were at risk who recalled being offered advice: 0 and 12 months
· Diet (fruit and vegetables, low saturated fat)
· Physical activity
· Weight control
Medication Change in medications over previous 12 months 0 and 12 months
· lipid lowering,
· antihypertensive
Risk factors Self assessed: 0 and 12 months
· Physical activity score*
· Diet score**
· Smoking Status
· Alcohol intake (standard drinks per week)
· waist circumference
· blood pressure
· lipids (TC, LDL-C, HDL-C, TG).
GP or nurse preventive care · Self reported assessment 0 and 12 months
· Self reported advice
GP or nurse · attitudes to preventive care in general practice 0 and 12 months
  1. * Physical activity level which combines assessment of duration of vigorous and moderate physical activity (scored 0-8, <4 considered at risk)[36].
  2. ** Serves of fruit and vegetables per day.