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Table 2 Process characteristics

From: Guidelines for guideline developers: a systematic review of grading systems for medical tests

No. Category/sub category Definition
Process characteristics: basic guideline requirements relating to the guideline development process
1 Scope & purpose  
1a Overall aim The overall aim of system is explicit. The system is specific to medical tests
2 Stakeholders  
2a Relevant professional groups The system requires involvement of relevant professional groups
2b Piloted among users The system has been piloted among guideline developers and reports on user feedback
3 Clarity & presentation  
3a Clear organization and content layout The system contains a chronological description of the process for developing guidelines.
3b Recommendations easily identifiable The system promotes a clear and structured layout for presenting recommendations e.g., summarized in a box, typed in bold, underlined or presented as flow charts or algorithms
3c Examples provided The system provides adequate examples in the form of, tables, forms, layouts of evidence summaries e.g., in GRADE known as ‘’evidence profile’
3d Glossary The system includes a glossary explaining terminology
4 Dissemination & communication  
4a External peer review recommended The system recommends external peer review of completed guidelines
4b Recommends methods for dissemination The system recommends methods for dissemination and communicated of completed guidelines to target audience(s)
4c Procedure for updating guideline The system provides an explicit procedure for updating the guideline
5 Editorial independence  
5a Addresses conflicts of interest The system specifies the need to address conflicts of interest of guideline members and information on funding
5b Addresses funders
Total 5 categories/12 subcategories