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Table 2 Study outcomes and source of data

From: Evaluation of a multisite educational intervention to improve mobilization of older patients in hospital: protocol for mobilization of vulnerable elders in Ontario (MOVE ON)




Data source


Frequency of mobilization of patient

% of patients documented ‘not in bed’ during audit

Direct observation


Length of stay


Chart abstraction or hospital decision support unit (HDSRU)


Functional status at admission and at discharge (ADL/IADL)

% patients in each category of ADL status

Chart abstraction


Discharge destination

% patients discharged to location other than LTC

Chart abstraction or HDSRU



Number of incident reports filed

Chart abstraction or HDSRU


Injurious falls (fractures, subdural hematoma)

Number reported

Chart abstraction or HDSRU


Perceptions and satisfaction of patients, informal caregivers, family members and healthcare

Qualitative data



Rate of documentation

Change in documentation of baseline and discharge functional status

Document review