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Table 1 Roles and Skills of SHRTN KBs

From: Knowledge brokers in a knowledge network: the case of Seniors Health Research Transfer Network knowledge brokers

KB Roles Related KB Skills and Attributes
Coach and support people and groups who are mobilizing activity toward goals, and facilitate processes of learning that allow clients to continually expand their capacity and improve their results. • communication, adult education, experiential learning, facilitation, technology, flexibility, self-confidence
• Engage in analytical and planning activities to scan environments, assess resources and the readiness of groups to adopt, analyze data, and create strategies to help people achieve goals. • working with groups, collaboration, organizational change, research, project management
Weave and expand networks of people interested in similar issues and who might help each other to create and disseminate new approaches and solutions. • communication, ability to influence and persuade, interpersonal skills, working with groups, collaboration, negotiation, ability to deal with ambiguity, persistence, self-confidence
Act as knowledge translators by working with others to create, test, and disseminate documents and solutions. • verbal and written communication, technical skills, facilitation, project management, research
• Help to plan and facilitate events at which experts and learners come together to discuss problems and solutions. • communication, collaboration, empowerment, negotiation, facilitation, organizational change, adult education, ability to deal with ambiguity, flexibility, persistence, project management, organizational change
• When necessary help to coordinate and manage the administrative and logistical work of the communities they serve. • communication, collaboration, negotiation, technical skills, project management, time management