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Table 5 Study participant ideas for streamlining process

From: Guideline adaptation and implementation planning: a prospective observational study

1 Limit guideline scope; reduce number of clinical questions.
2 Reduce duplication by forming collaborative groups.
3 Engage specialists and methodological expertise when needed (e.g., library science, evidence appraisal).
4 Find efficiencies in searching and screening the literature, e.g., limit inclusion to previously reviewed and quality-appraised guidelines.
5 Consult source developers earlier in the process to verify evidence and pending updates.
6 Limit the size, representation and involvement of steering committees and working panels and convene only when strategic decisions or consensus are needed.
7 Prioritize and delegate some of the methodology - not all panel members need to be engaged in every step and activity.
8 Simplify the presentation of evidence and assessments for discussion and consensus management, e.g., distribute summaries vs. raw appraisal data/scores to decision-makers.