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Table 3 Study case attributes

From: Guideline adaptation and implementation planning: a prospective observational study

  Case 1 (Pilot) Case 2 Case 3 Case 4 Case 5
Guideline Title Distress Management Distress Management Platelet Transfusion Symptom Triage and Management Wound Management
Focus of Health Topic Supportive Care Supportive Care Psychosocial Support (Assessment) Medical Treatment Supportive Care Symptom Management (Remote Support) Supportive Care
Diagnosis, referral, and management of distress in adult cancer patients Management of distress in adult oncology patient with specific focus on assessment Establishment of platelet transfusion thresholds for pediatric population Remote support for symptom assessment, triage and management for adult patients undergoing cancer radio & chemo therapy treatments Skin Care/Wound Management for patients receiving radiotherapy for breast cancer
Population Adult Adult Pediatric Adult Adult
Health Disciplines involved Multi-disciplinary; primarily front-line caregivers Multi-disciplinary; primarily specialist services Oncologists Hematologists Oncology nurses managing patient symptoms in a home healthcare setting or other environments Frontline care-givers including oncologists, radiotherapy technicians and nurses
Developers and Target Users
Jurisdiction Provincial National (pan-Canadian) National (pan-Canadian) National (pan-Canadian) Regional Provincial
Scale of Implementation
Geographic Area Nova Scotia Canada Canada Canada Manitoba