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Table 2 Procedures: Canadian guideline adaptation study

From: Guideline adaptation and implementation planning: a prospective observational study

1 Cases received complete ADAPTE Manual and Toolkit ( at outset plus additional and customized tools and resources as needs were determined (based on pilot case experience and on-going support of study cases).
2 Cases completed and submitted on-line ADAPTE Surveys.
3 Case steering committees had access to an orientation session re: ADAPTE methodology plus assistance with ADAPTE Phase 1 Planning via 1/2 or full day workshop facilitated by the Queen’s team.
4 Cases had access to Partnership1 supported expertise and resources, e.g., library scientists, methodologists, use of a teleconference line, travel/meeting funds, administrative support, and funds for a part-time ‘internal’ facilitator/coordinator.
5 Cases had access to consultation via teleconference and/or participation in meetings/workshops as needed; average 2-3 sessions per case.
6 Cases agreed to submit project documentation and engage in routine progress checks and calls with Queen’s team.
7 Site visit by Queen’s team project officer at end of ADAPTE Phase 2 included a process evaluation via structured interview and step/tool use audit with study case facilitator/ coordinator and/or chair.
8 Case facilitator/coordinators could participate in an emerging community of practice, the ‘Facilitators’ Network’, via monthly teleconferences supported by the Partnership.
9 Case chairs and facilitator/coordinators participated in a final, full day, face-to-face forum.
  1. 1 Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.