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Table 1 First phase: generation of clinical recommendations from systematic reviews

From: Development of quality of care indicators from systematic reviews: the case of hospital delivery

1. Literature search Design and execution of a specific search strategy for identifying systematic reviews (SR).
2. Selection of SR SR were included based on:
o Field of interest: obstetrics
o Setting: hospital
o Relevant to the health topic
o Intervention of interest: pharmacological or non-pharmacological treatment, under the responsibility of the clinical team and potentially registered at the clinical record or any database.
3. Appraisal of SR An assessment of the methodological quality of each SR; we excluded those documents that did not meet one or more internal validity criteria of SIGN*.
4. Generation of clinical recommendations (CR) Generation of a clinical recommendation (for or against a particular intervention) from each SR. Definitions were provided for population, intervention, comparison and outcomes of interest.
5. Grading of Recommendations Assessment of the quality of evidence and strength of recommendation based on the GRADE† system. Only those recommendations that were considered strong and supported by high quality evidence remained selected.
  1. * SIGN: Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network;GRADE: Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation.