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Table 1 Interview questions and specific probes

From: Between and within-site variation in qualitative implementation research

Interview question Specific probes
1. Imagine that a patient with depression symptoms comes to the clinic. Can you walk me through a typical process of care? Referral process, differences between diagnoses
2. How has this process changed over the past 10 years (or since you arrived in the clinic)? Recent changes, leadership support, referrals, interpersonal interactions, physical structure
3. Tell me about your sense of the need for coordination between primary care and mental health. Examples of good and poor coordination
4. How would you change your clinic to better coordinate care? Communication, collaboration, resource barriers
5. Have you or anyone you know had to develop your own coordination procedures to ensure that patients receive the best care? Workarounds, ad-hoc coordination procedures
6. Can you tell me about the relationship between the people in the primary care and mental health clinics? Face-to-face contact, trust
7. In what situations would you say that teamwork is most important? Coworkers back each other up