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Table 2 Inclusion criteria for severe acute maternal morbidity

From: SIMPLE: implementation of recommendations from international evidence-based guidelines on caesarean sections in the Netherlands. Protocol for a controlled before and after study

Group 1: ICU admission
- Admission to ICU or coronary care unit, other than for standard postoperative recovery
Group 2: Uterine rupture
- Clinical symptoms (pain, fetal distress, acute loss of contractions and haemorrhage) that led to an emergency CS, at which the presumed diagnosis of uterine rupture was confirmed
- Peripartum hysterectomy or laparotomy for uterine rupture
Group 3: Eclampsia/ HELLP syndrome
- Eclampsia
- HELLP syndrome only when accompanied by liver haematoma or rupture
Group 4: Major obstetric haemorrhage
- Transfusion need of > 4 units of packed cells
- Embolisation or hysterectomy for major obstetric haemorrhage
Group 5: Miscellaneous
- Other cases of severe maternal morbidity to the opinion of the treating obstetrician, not to be included in group 1-4