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Table 1 Intervention characteristics

From: The role of evidence, context, and facilitation in an implementation trial: implications for the development of the PARIHS framework

  Standard Dissemination (SD) SD+ Web-based resource and opinion leader (s) SD + PDSA
Source Guideline package, including RCN/RCoA national guidelines, patient version, PowerPoint presentation about implementation Guideline package and web-based learning resource Guideline package and adaptation of the improvement cycles from the former Modernisation Agency Improvement Leaders Guide. Include readiness to change tool.
Format Paper and CD Computer PDSA paper-based package and facilitator led
Target Trust/local health board – those who usually received national guideline information Multi-professional staff, individuals and/or groups Multi-professional staff groups
Delivered by Unknown Local opinion leader(s) Local PDSA facilitator
Duration Six months Six months Six months
Number of events One Multiple, but not specified Six meetings specified plus local audit activity
Proximity to practice Remote Arms length with front line championing Front line
Setting Trust Ward and/or theatre Ward/theatre/pre-admission clinic
Link to PARIHS Evidence: Evidence and facilitation: Evidence, context and facilitation:
Successful Implementation(SI) = the use of the recommendations in practice with impact on practice and patient outcomes - research evidence in the guideline (E) - research evidence in the guideline (E) - research evidence in the guideline (E)
  - patient guideline (E) - patient guideline (E) - patient guideline (E) local evidence in PDSA approach(E)
   - championing, awareness raising, role modelling, other appropriate facilitative activities (F) - practitioner experience in PDSA approach (E)
    - local evidence particularisation (E,C,F)
    - team working (C) project leader (F)
    - tailoring practice interventions (F andC)
Intended mechanism of action Awareness raising Awareness raising + Social influence and education Awareness raising + facilitation and localising to front line practice context