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Table 3 A typical ‘InDepth’ interview guide

From: Implementation of infection control best practice in intensive care units throughout Europe: a mixed-method evaluation study

Interviewee background Personal career?
  Role in the organization?
  Team environment and tasks?
Biggest challenge What is your biggest challenge at work at this moment?
Healthcare associated infections (HAI) Personal view of HAI?
  Perception of HAI by others in the institution?
Prevention initiatives What were your past experiences with catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI) or other HAI prevention, if any?
  (If no CRBSI experience, any other suitable initiative to discuss implementation was addressed)
  Probing for implementation dimensions*
Adoption process How did the institution decide to participate?
Safety culture Is leadership promoting patient safety?
  Do collaborators dare to speak up in case of unsafe behavior?
  How are critical incidents handled?
Organizational culture Do you like working in this institution? What is great?
  Who is important?
  Staffing and other resources?
  1. * Probing is based on dimensions and constructs from implementation frameworks[28, 37].