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Table 1 PROHIBIT work packages and their objectives

From: Implementation of infection control best practice in intensive care units throughout Europe: a mixed-method evaluation study

Work package (WP) Title Objective
WP 1 Project Management Ensure that the project’s main scientific objectives are realized on schedule and on budget.
WP 2 Systematic review of European guidelines for HAI-prevention, surveillance and public HAI reporting Detect and analyze current guidelines and recommendations in European countries for HAI-prevention of HAI. In addition, this work package will review HAI surveillance activities and schemes and public HAI reporting efforts in European countries.
WP 3 Survey of policy and practice for HAI-prevention in European hospitals Assess the activity of European hospitals in HAI-prevention using a questionnaire of key determinants in a sample of hospitals in all European countries.
WP 4 (‘InDepth’) In-depth qualitative investigation of success factors for adoption and implementation of infection prevention practices Identify facilitators and barriers for successful adoption and implementation of evidence-based infection prevention practices by European hospitals.
WP 5 Randomized effectiveness trial of two interventions to reduce catheter-related blood stream infections Demonstrate the effectiveness of implementation of two interventions to prevent CRBSI: 1) the WHO hand hygiene promotion strategy and 2) a CRBSI prevention bundle.
WP 6 Synthesis and dissemination Provide tools for HAI-prevention to be used by stakeholders at multiple levels of health care systems.
  1. CRBSI, catheter-related bloodstream infection; HAI, healthcare-associated infection(s); WHO, World Health Organization.