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Table 1 Free-text questionnaire responses describing information sources used in commissioning

From: How hard can it be to include research evidence and evaluation in local health policy implementation? Results from a mixed methods study

Question: When new services or service changes are planned, do you routinely assess the evidence base?
Q6 We would undertake a full search of recent evidence online and also attempt to speak to other areas in the UK who have undertaken similar projects to benchmark and share good practice.
Q12 Other LHBs have approached as to their experiences with CD [compact disc], articles and evidence base been gathered (sic). Groups and multi-agency/multidisciplinary colleagues have been consulted.
Q13 For interventions we would look to standard databases e.g., Medline. For service models we use Web Fetch to search examples from other NHS organizations.
Q16 Data from NPHS, literature reviews available/best practice. Hear from internal information, paper published, attending a conference.
Q18 New services considered by disease specific group with clinical or managerial lead, then passed to Steering Group attended by medical director and director of public health.