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Table 2 Survey measures

From: Promoting state health department evidence-based cancer and chronic disease prevention: a multi-phase dissemination study with a cluster randomized trial component

Survey section Number of items Type of variables Subscales or sample items Item sources
Biographical 14 Yes/no, number of years, check one, check all that apply Position, program area Jacobs 2010
Years at state health department Reis (in press)
Years in public health
EBIs implemented (selection pattern based on program area) Varied by topic asked Yes/no/don’t know Asked 1 to 2 of 6 topics: cancer screening, skin cancer prevention, tobacco, physical activity, nutrition, school health Community guide
Nutrition systematic reviews
Your views on EBPPs 9 Likert 7-point I can effectively communicate information on evidence-based interventions to elected officials. Jacobs 2010
Reis (in press)
EBDM definitions and incentives 2 Rank top 3 Which of the following would most encourage you to utilize EBDM? Jacobs 2012
Reis (in press)
Importance and availability of EBDM elements 20 Likert 11-point (0-10) Importance (10 items Jacobs 2012
Availability (10 items) Reis (in press)
Use of EBDM 1 Likert 7-point I use EBDM in my work New
Workplace context 17 Likert 7-point Supervisory support and expectations (3 items) Brownson 2012
Reis (in press)
Work unit resources (5 items) Stamatakis 2012
Work unit knowledge exchange (2 items)
Work unit evaluation (3 items)
Agency leadership (2 items)
Use of informational evidence resources 5 Yes/no, how often • Use of community guide Jacobs 2012
• What methods allow you to learn about the current findings in public health research? (Rank top 3) Reis (in press)
Rank top 3
Check all that apply
Coordination of chronic disease programs 2 Rank top 3 Perceived benefits New
    Perceived challenges