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Table 6 Quotations ‘Power positions and level of interest’

From: Why a successful task substitution in glaucoma care could not be transferred from a hospital setting to a primary care setting: a qualitative study

Stakeholder Quotation
Management REH:  
· With respect to glaucoma care, we have started to investigate whether apart of the activities that take place here could be substituted to optometrists who are closer to the patient’s home. (Respondent 2)
· I: What is your opinion about substitution of eye care to other professionals?
  R: If we did not agree, we would not put so much energy into it. (Respondent 1)
The Dutch Healthcare Authority / Health care insurers:  
· It looks like it would be more accessible than going to see a doctor. In that respect it seems to be in the interests of the patient. It seems like a good development. (The Dutch Healthcare Authority, respondent 27)
· Yes, I thought it was safe, so I thought, well, if the doctor says so. I simply trust him, so you go along with it. (Respondent 21)
· I think it is a bit more reassuring when you stay under your doctor’s care, of course. A specialist is probably a bit more knowledgeable. You're so used to it. (Respondent 24)
Primary care optometrists:  
· Yes, there is a professional group, but I never hear anything about it. A great deal would have to be done there. So I'm afraid that that is also a factor. (Respondent 18)
Glaucoma specialists:  
· So you need to move forward with small steps, take the lead yourself. Then you have to get clear results which you can show, and once you have these, you can gain the trust of others to do it. (Respondent 7)