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Table 2 Identified theoretical models and conceptual frameworks

From: Organizational readiness for knowledge translation in chronic care: a review of theoretical components

Theoretical models and conceptual frameworks (acronym) Type of model/framework Country of origin Type of study Setting Year Number of citation in studies
1- Advancing Research & Clinical Practice through Close Collaboration (ARCC) [24] Model USA Empirical Clinical center 2002 2
2- A Comprehensive Measurement Model (CMM) [7] Conceptual framework USA Empirical Organizational change at the individual level 2007 2
3- A four category heuristic to conceptualize readiness for change [6] Conceptual framework USA Theoretical Health care organizations 2010 1
4- Diffusion of Innovations in Service Organizations (DISO) [25] Model UK Empirical Innovation in health service organizations 2004 1
5- Heuristic organizational information technology /systems innovation model (OITIM) [26] Conceptual framework USA Empirical Clinical IT/S innovation 2001 4
6- Practice Change Model (PCM) [27] Conceptual framework USA Empirical Primary care practice change 2004 4
7- Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services (PARiHS) [28] Conceptual framework UK Empirical Implementation of practice in complex health care setting 1998 6
8- Organizational Readiness for Change (ORC) [8] Theory USA Theoretical Health care services 2009 1
9- Readiness for Implementation Model (RIM) [29] Model USA Empirical Implementation of interactive health communication system 2010 2
10- Texas Christian University Program Change Model (TCU-PCM) [30] Conceptual framework USA Empirical Treatment program 2007 6