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Table 3 Documentation of enhanced REP Facilitators’ Core Component Tasks and Time

From: Cluster randomized adaptive implementation trial comparing a standard versus enhanced implementation intervention to improve uptake of an effective re-engagement program for patients with serious mental illness

Core facilitation task Implementation step
Preparation for communication with facilities or regional leadership • Review implementation progress
  • Review barriers or facilitators to implementation described during last contact or ascertained through other sources as documented in Facilitator database
  • Review stated actions planned from last contact (i.e., action plans) as documented in Facilitator database
Semi-structured communication with facilities and/or regional stakeholders (phone call) • Discuss progress on action plans that were established in prior contact
  • Discuss implementation progress based on monthly report
  • Provide support, encouragement, reinforcement of progress made
  • Collaboratively identify additional/existing barriers, changes to context that could affect implementation
  • Problem-solve strategies, solutions to address barriers
  • Collaboratively identify additional/existing facilitators and discuss how to use them to encourage implementation
  • Provide suggestions for how to adapt intervention to local setting without compromising core components
  • If needed, refer to technical assistance resources (available through standard REP)
  • Provide information in response to questions, concerns, or promise to obtain needed information
  • Collaboratively identify specific actions that can be taken to assist in implementation prior to next contact
Follow up • Number of contacts with facility mental health provider implementing Re-Engage
  • Number of contacts with regional network leaders
  • Number of barriers and solutions discussed with facility providers
  • Follow-up emails and phone calls to link to existing resources (e.g., technical assistance, leadership, continue problem solving a specific issue, provide information in response to a question
  • Schedule next contact (e.g., schedule conference call lines, email facilities that have not been responsive)
Facilitators weekly communication with leadership partners (phone call) • Facilitators join the weekly calls between research staff and VA national mental health leadership
  • Provide overview of facilitation progress
  • Provide information to/seek information from VA Mental Health Services Leadership about facility-specific issues that may have arisen during the week’s facilitation communications, seek guidance as needed
  • Obtain information regarding other initiatives affecting mental health providers
Facilitators weekly peer consultation meeting • Review each facility receiving facilitation, identify implementation progress, barriers
  • Discuss strategies being used to encourage implementation at each facility
  • Provide support, encouragement, and accountability to one another
  • Provide information to/seek information from Technical Assistance research staff, as needed