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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for the recruitment of aged care study sites and participants

From: The effectiveness of an aged care specific leadership and management program on workforce, work environment, and care quality outcomes: design of a cluster randomised controlled trial

Recruitment focus Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Study sites: aged care services 1. Principal support for the study is granted in writing from the Executive Care Manager or Community Manager at each site; 1. Sites which are currently (or in the near future will be) undergoing major management/structural changes.
2. The Executive Care Managers or Community Managers at each site agree in writing that participating managers from their sites who have been allocated to the control group will not receive the intervention program during the study.  
Participants: middle managers & care staff 1. Currently work in a permanent middle management or in a direct care role for the participating aged care organisation; 1. Staff involved in non-direct care roles (e.g., administration, domestic staff, maintenance, chaplain).
2. Have been employed by the participating organisation for a minimum of six months;  
3. If employed in community aged care services, they must be involved in the delivery of aged cared packages including extended aged care at home (EACH), EACH-D (dementia), and community aged care packages;  
4. Provide consent to take part in the study.