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Table 3 Registrations from facilitators

From: Enhanced implementation of low back pain guidelines in general practice: study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial

Topics at the initial guideline facilitator visit Only intervention group practices
Answer Appearance of textbox when answering no.
Medical history Yes/No
Clinical examination Yes/No
Triage Yes/No
ICPC-coding Yes/No
Patient general advices Yes/No
Re-evaluation Yes/No
STarT Back Tool Yes/No
SOcial Screening questions Yes/No
Supplementary treatment Yes/No
Referral to secondary care Yes/No
Guideline hand-outs Yes/No
Pop-up instructions Yes/No -
(If yes) – at the computer screen Yes/No -
Duration of visit Minutes -
Participants Numbers -
Follow-up appointment made Yes/No
  1. Overview of data collection from facilitator visits. The questions are entered into the database by the facilitator after the initial visit. Data concerning dates and topics in following contacts between facilitators and practices will be entered as well.