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Table 1 Activities aimed at changing GP behaviour

From: Enhanced implementation of low back pain guidelines in general practice: study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial

Activities aimed at GPs Capability (physical / psychological) Opportunity (physical / social) Motivation (reflective / automatic)
Usual activities (Control and intervention practices)
Regional information meetings X   X
Regional website and written material X   X
Small group continuing medical education X   X
Passive supportive activities (Control and intervention practices)
Social medicine referral opportunity   X  
Electronic medical record pop-ups X   X
Financial incentives    X
Posters reminding of guidelines    X
Mouse pads guiding diagnosis coding, medical record procedures, and reminding of guidelines X   X
Pro-active supportive activities (Intervention practices)
Facilitator visit X   X
Feedback/quality assurance X   X
Info-folder delivered at facilitator visit X   X
STart Back stratification tool* X X  
Social medical screening tool* X X  
  1. Activities aimed at changing GP behaviour sorted under capability, opportunity, and motivation. *STarT Back Tool and the SOS screening tool are built into the GPs’ electronic medical record and are filled in at the patient’s first or second consultation regarding LBP.