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Table 1 TIDIRH 2011 trainee six-month follow-up evaluation a

From: The U.S. training institute for dissemination and implementation research in health

  n %
TIDIRH contribution to grants   
Initiated a new D&I grant application 23 72
Revised a new D&I grant application 5 16
Modified a previously non-D&I grant application to include D&I components 6 19
Had a D&I grant application funded 9 28
Ways used knowledge and skills gained from TIDIRH   
Used in conducting ongoing implementation studies or how to approach D&I science and related research 20 65
Used to influence the thinking of others about D&I science through informal conversations with colleagues 30 97
Used to influence thinking of others about D&I science through interactions with interdisciplinary research groups (e.g., CTSA, research networks) 24 77
Used to engage with community groups or stakeholders to plan projects 20 65
Have not used yet but plan to do so soon 3 13
Have not used and don’t have current plans to do so 0 0
Participation in post-TIDIRH activities   
Online networking platform 7 33
Conference call to discuss funding opportunity 14 67
Professional contact with any faculty or trainees since TIDIRH   
Yes 20 62
Other forms of post-TIDIRH activities that would help   
Follow-up lectures (conference call or webinar) by TIDIRH faculty or other experts 25 81
Follow-up informal Q&A discussion sessions (conference call or webinar) with TIDIRH faculty 16 52
Additional opportunities for interaction with fellow TIDIRH trainees (without faculty) 13 42
Local mentoring 15 48
Attendance at additional training programs 23 74
Dedicated session(s) at 2012 NIH D&I conference 19 61
  1. aIncludes 32 of the 33 (97%) trainees who responded to evaluation.
  2. TIDIRH = Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health; D&I = dissemination and implementation; CTSA = Clinical and Translational Science Awards; NIH = National Institutes of Health.