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Table 1 Topic guide

From: Using behavioural theories to optimise shared haemodialysis care: a qualitative intervention development study of patient and professional experience

This illustrative interview schedule was adapted for patients and professionals. Other prompts:
Participants will be asked a series of questions to elicit their perspectives. We will ask participants to talk about their experience of shared haemodialysis. Domains will include: beliefs about haemodialysis; experience of haemodialysis; and attitudes towards shared haemodialysis care. • Knowledge about Shared Haemodialysis Care
Patients and professionals were asked similar questions (adapted for purpose): • Recent vs. long term problems and benefits
Beliefs about haemodialysis. • If thought about participating/opting out
Can you tell me how you came to be on haemodialysis? • Any exit strategy
Prompts: what happened; how long ago; what for? (This will help ascertain trajectory). • Self-care (as opposed to nurse-led care)
What do you usually do when you come for dialysis? • Consequences (benefits/risks) of taking and how to balance this out
Experience of haemodialysis. • What problems/concerns do you have about shared haemodialysis – both short-term and long-term
What effect does haemodialysis have on your life? • Mood, functional status, QOL
Prompts: quality; what can do/can’t do; how are things different/the same? • Support from others
Attitudes towards shared haemodialysis. • If interview has raised any concerns and if these will be discussed with the named nurse
How you do you feel about participating in shared haemodialysis?