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Table 2 Implementation evaluation assessment domains, questions and methods

From: The PROCESS study: a protocol to evaluate the implementation, mechanisms of effect and context of an intervention to enhance public health centres in Tororo, Uganda

Assessment domain Questions relating to PRIME training Data collection methods
Fidelity How much of the PRIME training was delivered as intended? What parts were not delivered? Trainer questionnaires; direct observations
Reach How much of the intended audience was exposed to the PRIME training? Participant questionnaires
Dose delivered What parts of the PRIME training were delivered most and least successfully to participants? Trainer questionnaires; direct observations
Dose received Which objectives, content and activities of the PRIME training were understood/absorbed best by participants? Participant questionnaires; direct observations
Effectiveness Did the training achieve its objectives according to proximal outcomes for participants? Participant questionnaires
Recruitment What procedures were necessary to encourage recruitment? Trainer questionnaires; direct observations
Context What social, logistical and political factors affected the delivery and receipt of the PRIME training? Trainer questionnaires; direct observations; implementer, stakeholder and health worker in-depth interviews