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Table 1 Responses to a survey about implementation of World Health Organization guidelines on postpartum hemorrhage

From: Determinants of implementation of maternal health guidelines in Kosovo: mixed methods study

Barriers Mean Standard deviation
The equipment in my setting isn’t adequate for implementing the guidelines 2.83 1.15
Other clinicians in my setting won’t cooperate with implementing the guidelines 2.82 1.24
The facilities in my setting aren’t adequate for implementing the guidelines 2.58 1.30
I am isolated from knowledgeable colleagues with whom to discuss the guidelines 2.53 1.22
Other staff in my setting aren’t supportive of implementing the guidelines 2.50 0.92
The guidelines aren’t readily available in my setting 2.44 1.15
The skill set required to implement the guidelines is not available in my setting 2.37 1.07
The guidelines are not applicable to my setting 2.19 1.11
There is not a documented need to change practice according to the guidelines 2.16 0.96
I don’t have enough authority to change patient care procedures 2.11 1.02
The research in the guidelines hasn’t been replicated 2.06 1.00
I don’t feel capable of evaluating the quality of the guidelines 1.84 0.90
I feel that the benefits of changing practice will be minimal 1.84 1.17
There isn’t sufficient time on the job to implement new ideas 1.83 0.92
Administration in my setting won’t allow implementation of the guidelines 1.82 0.88
The research has methodological problems 1.82 1.01
I am unaware of any guidelines on these topics 1.79 1.13
The guidelines don’t provide guidance on implementation 1.75 1.00
I don’t see the value of implementing the guidelines in practice 1.74 1.10
I don’t have time to read guidelines 1.74 0.93
The guidelines report conflicting results 1.72 0.96
I don’t know whether to believe the guidelines 1.72 1.13
The guidelines aren’t readable 1.72 1.02
I don’t like trying new ideas 1.68 1.00
The recommendations in the guidelines aren’t justified 1.67 0.97
The implications for practice aren’t clear in the guidelines 1.67 0.84
The guideline recommendations aren’t reported clearly 1.67 0.91
The guidelines aren’t relevant to my practice 1.67 1.08
I don’t see the benefit of the guidelines 1.53 1.02
  1. Response options: 1 = to no extent; 2 = to a small extent; 3 = to a moderate extent; 4 = to a great extent.