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Table 3 IRI learning sites

From: The implementation research institute: training mental health implementation researchers in the United States

PI Title Funding source Location (Organization State)
Sonya Leathers Dissemination of effective MH services in foster care NIMH; R01 Chicago, IL
Philip Kendall Disseminating evidence-based practice to the schools: CBT for child anxiety NIMH; R01 Philadelphia, PA
Madhukar Trivedi Using information technology to provide measurement based care for chronic illness AHRQ; R18 Dallas, TX
Joann Kirchner Blended facilitation to enhance PCMH program implementation VA Little Rock, AR
John Weisz Youth mental health network The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Honolulu, Hawaii, Boston, Mass.
Jeffrey Epstein Evaluation of an intervention for improving community-based pediatric ADHD care NIMH; R01 Cincinnati, OH
Geoffrey Curran Training SUD treatment counselors CBT for depression VA Little Rock, AR
Gregory Aarons Organizational issues in implementing EBP in child welfare and mental health NIMH California, San Diego
Gregory Aarons Mixed-methods study of EBP sustainment in Statewide service system NIMH; R01 California, San Diego
Mark Chaffin SafeCare home-based service models NIMH; R01 Oklahoma City, OK
Patricia Chamberlain Experiment in implementing multidimensional treatment foster care NIMH/NIDA R01 California, Ohio
John Fortney Partnership for implementation of evidence-based practices in rural primary care NIMH; R01 Little Rock, AR
Kimberly Hoagwood Implementation of feedback system to improve EBTs for children in mental health AHRQ; R18 New York
Richard Owen Monitoring and Management of Metabolic effects of Antipsychotics VA Little Rock, AR
Alex Young Implementing effective, collaborative care for Schizophrenia VA Los Angeles