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Table 5 Archetype E

From: Balancing exploration and exploitation in transferring research into practice: a comparison of five knowledge translation entity archetypes

KT archetype and organizing logic Explorative dimension Exploitative dimension Strengths Leadership challenges
Archetype E Research explicitly managed by central controls, who hold governance oversight. Exploitation supported by systematic approaches to quality management, ensuring consistency. Project level control by central management enables high levels of accountability. Low levels of research autonomy risks alienation of high calibre academics.
Central management control Research directly influenced or determined by local provider concerns, thus low academic autonomy. Strong central governance and organization. Sustained investment in local service improvement. Incremental nature of service orientated research and alienation of academics decreases likelihood of high impact publications.
Exploration is more incremental. High likelihood of research implementation due to central management control and highly contextualized improvement- orientated research. Integrates into culture and goals of a hierarchical health service system.
Central management systematically collects and collates research findings. Absorptive capacity about implementation processes and service improvement developed.