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Table 1 Components highlighted in the protocol for development of WHO guidelines

From: Do guidelines influence the implementation of health programs? — Uganda’s experience

No. Components
1 Priority setting—addressing what guidelines need to be developed
2 Group composition and consultation – composition of the group that develops the guidelines and the consultation process
3 Declaration and avoidance of conflicts of interest
4 Group processes—how the group undertakes the process, leadership of the group
5 Identification of important outcomes
6 Explicit definition of the questions and eligibility criteria
7 Type of designs for different questions
8 Identification of evidence
9 Synthesis and presentation of evidence to inform guideline development
10 Specification and integration of values
11 Making judgments about desirable and undesirable effects
12 Taking account of equity
13 Grading evidence and recommendations
14 Taking account of costs
15 Applicability, transferability, and adaptation
16 Structure of reports
17 Methods for peer review
18 Planned methods of dissemination and implementation
19 Evaluation of guidelines