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Table 1 Ten key ingredients for implementation research proposals

From: Writing implementation research grant proposals: ten key ingredients

Proposal ingredient Key question Review criteria Check (yes/no)
1. The care gap or quality gap The proposal has clear evidence that a gap in quality exists? Significance Impact  
2. The evidence-based treatment to be implemented Is the evidence for the program, treatment, or set of servicesto be implemented demonstrated? Significance Innovation  
3. Conceptual model and theoretical justification The proposal delineates a clear conceptual framework/theory/model that informs the design and variables being tested? Approach Innovation  
4. Stakeholder priorities, engagement in change Is there a clear engagement process of the stakeholders in place? Significance Impact Approach Environment  
5. Setting’s readiness to adopt new services/treatments/programs Is there clear information that reflects the setting’s readiness,capacity, or appetite for change, specifically around adoptionof the proposed evidence-based treatment? Impact Approach Environment  
6. Implementation strategy/process Are the strategies to implement the intervention clearly defined,and justified conceptually? Significance Impact Innovation  
7. Team experience with the setting, treatment, implementation process Does the proposal detail the team’s experience with the studysetting, the treatment whose implementation is being studied,and implementation processes? Approach Investigator team  
8. Feasibility of proposed research design and methods Does the methods section contain as much detail as possible,as well as lay out possible choice junctures and contingencies,should methods not work as planned? Approach Investigator team  
9. Measurement and analysis section Does the proposal clarify the key constructs to be measured, corresponding to the overarching conceptual model or theory? Approach Investigator team  
Is a measurement plan clear for each construct?
Does the analysis section demonstrate how relationshipsbetween constructs will be tested?
10. Policy/funding environment; leverage or support for sustaining change Does the proposal address how the implementation initiativealigns with policy trends? Impact Significance