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Table 1 Explanation of terms

From: A systematic review of hand hygiene improvement strategies: a behavioural approach

Term Explanation Examples
Determinants of behaviour change The determinants targeted by a systematically developed strategy are those that have been identified for altering behaviours. Theoretically, the application of a chosen behaviour change activity as part of the HH improvement strategy will alter a specific behavioural determinant, which in turn will change behaviours Knowledge
Behaviour change technique Behaviour change techniques refer to the specific methods used to promote behaviour change Education
Guided practice
Activities Activities refer to the operationalisation of behaviour change techniques Lectures
Overview of HH compliance rates
Teaching skills/specific instruction
Hand hygiene improvement strategy A strategy consist of a set of one or more techniques (e.g., education, feedback, goal setting), intended to change specific determinants (e.g., education to increase knowledge, feedback to raise awareness, guided practice to enhance self-efficacy) of HH behaviour