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Table 2 Contribution of included studies to key concepts and synthesis

From: Factors influencing the implementation of fall-prevention programmes: a systematic review and synthesis of qualitative studies

Study Practical considerations Adapting for community Social and cultural Psychosocial
  Economic Access to intervention Time   Transforming identities Defining the expert
Aminzadeh & Edwards, 1998[25] X   X X X X
Baker et al. , 2005[13] X   X    X
Bell & Stirling, 2006[23] X   X   X X
Chou et al. , 2005[22] X X X X   X
De Groot & Fagerstrom, 2010[32] X X X X   X
Dickinson et al. , 2011[34]     X   X
Evron et al. , 2009a[37] X      X
Evron et al. , 2009b[28] X X X    X
Fortinsky et al. , 2004[14] X X X X X  
Hanson & Salmoni, 2011[24] X   X    
Hawley 2009[31] X    X X X
Horne et al. , 2009[29]     X X  
Horton & Dickinson, 2011[35]     X   
Hutton et al. , 2009[30]   X X    
Mackenzie 2009[21] X   X   X X
Nahm et al. , 2009[33]     X   X
Stewart & McVittie, 2011[36]    X X X  
Vernon & Ross, 2008[27] X X   X   X
Yardley et al. , 2006[26] X X X X X X