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Table 1 TREC events in Restwood prior to the case study

From: Insights into the impact and use of research results in a residential long-term care facility: a case study

Date Event TREC personnel Involved Restwood personnel involved
Spring 2008 Advance notice regarding the survey Letter from Principal Investigator for province Facility manager
2008-2009 Survey 1 1 Research Assistant 15 staff from site
1 Project Manager
2009-2010 Survey 2 1 Research Assistant 16 staff from site
1 Project Manager
Concurrently Resident Assessment Instrument—Minimum Data Set (RAI-MDS) 2.0 data being extracted Data Manager Facility staff collected RAI-MDS data for administrative purposes. It was accessed by TREC team for research purposes.
January 2010 HCA Poster and feedback session with staff Research Assistant and Principal Investigator for province Staff from site (not management at staff’s request)
February 2010 FAR sent to facility and completion of facility profile Research Assistant Facility manager
March 2010 Site visit TREC Principal Investigator Facility manager
April 2010 Teleconference to arrange case study and discuss expanded analysis desired TREC Principal Investigator, Co-principal investigator, Case study consultant. Facility manager