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Table 7 Skills and attributes of opinion leaders and facilitators

From: A pragmatic cluster randomised trial evaluating three implementation interventions

Attribute or skill



Through their position (role) and their seniority they had the status and autonomy to influence colleagues and decide how to do this. This attribute may have been particularly important in this study where fasting practice was not particularly viewed as a clinical priority.


Often specified as clinical credibility, which in turn commanded respect of colleagues.

Drive, commitment, tenacity and enthusiasm

To see the project through and keep motivated and motivate others.

Change management and practice development skills, including:

These skills were seen as important for identifying facilitators and barriers, handling difficult situations, understanding ‘where people are coming from,’ and leadership in practice change. Both opinion leaders and facilitators reported working with teams.

· People management

· Inter-professional working

· Networking

· Leadership

· Education

Communication skills

The ability to communicate well was perceived as contributing to the effectiveness of the skills and attributes described above.