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Table 4 Factors influencing behaviours related to HPV testing

From: ‘It’s a can of worms’: understanding primary care practitioners’ behaviours in relation to HPV using the theoretical domains framework

Theme / construct domain Subtheme / specific belief Practitioner * Sample quote
   GPs Practice nurses  
1. Knowledge Not enough information available about it ‘I didn’t even know that it [HPV testing] was available… Whatever it is whether it’s a urine or a swab… Just don’t have the knowledge at all’ - Practice nurse 5003
  Don't know anything about it
2. Skill - - - -
3. Social / professional role and identity Topic not covered in practitioner's training - ‘That wasn’t brought up inmy training or any of our updates’ - Practice nurse 5018
4. Beliefs about capabilities The test is too new to implement in routine practice ‘We don’t have any algorithm for the management of people with HPV’ - GP 0140
  Would be more likely to discuss HPV testing if:    
  There were guidelines / management algorithm  
  There was a reliable source to whom practitioners can refer questions -  
5. Beliefs about consequences HPV testing provides no clinical benefit ‘I’m not sure there’s any point, I can’t see the point in it really. It doesn’t seem to add an awful lot to [the treatment plan for women with cervical cancer], like given that you’re going to come up with a positive or negative test result to just HPV in geneeral mmm it doesn’t seem to add anything’ - GP 0133
6. Motivation and goals HPV testing would be useful in primary care - ‘I think it would be good to provide HPV testing’ - GP 0129
7. Memory, attention and decision processes - - - -
8. Environmental context and resources HPV testing costs too much ‘From what I understand it’s very expensive’ - Practice nurse 5018
9. Social influences More publicity is needed to encourage women to have a HPV test - ‘For the public to come forward [for HPV testing] a media campaign is always very good because if they read something in the daily papers they’ll take heed of it. They won’t take heed of us advising them a lot’ - GP 0086
10. Emotion The practitioner could be embarrassed by not having answers to patients questions about HPV testing - ‘It’d be very difficult because it’d be mortifying not to have the answers straight away’ - GP 0034
11. Behavioural regulation HPV testing is uncommon in Ireland - - -
12. Nature of the behaviour HPV testing is uncommon in Ireland - ‘I don’t think it’s done an awful lot in Ireland’ - Practice nurse 5020
  1. * √ = Mentioned by at least one practitioner.
  2. - = Not mentioned by any practitioners.