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Table 1 Specifications for the decision box independent learning program

From: Decision boxes for clinicians to support evidence-based practice and shared decision making: the user experience

General objective: To use shared decision-making principles to involve patients in the decisions regarding each of the clinical questions covered.
Specific learning objectives Instructional activities
· To describe the available options for each clinical question; · Reception of a series of Decision boxes, at regular intervals, by email;
· To describe the specificity and sensitivity of the test (only for screening procedures);  
· To describe the probabilities of risks and benefits of the available options for each clinical question; · Reading of the Decision boxes;
· Assessment of each Decision box using a web-questionnaire;
· To revise the pros and cons of each of the available option for each clinical decision; · Reading of the additional resources on patient counselling provided on the website;
· To judge the quality of the best available data for each clinical decision; · Viewing the tutorial on the Internet;
· To list the questions to identify patients’ decision making needs; · Using the information provided in the Decision box in practice when there is an opportunity.
· To list additional resources available to patients to address their decision making needs.