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Table 2 Features of guideline manuals

From: Integrating guideline development and implementation: analysis of guideline development manual instructions for generating implementation advice

Producer Date published Pages (#) Manual objective Implementation context Section devoted specifically to guideline implementation
COE (25) 2002 77 Make proposals on the methodology to be used in developing guidelines Daily practice, Managerial, Patient, Legal, ethical 11 pages in chapter on Dissemination and Implementation
Identify the practical, social, ethical and legal conditions for implementation of guidelines in daily practice
NHMRC (26) 1999, 2000 (supplement) 79 Put forward a method for developing clinical practice guidelines in Australia Local conditions (population, setting, costs, constraints, patient values/preferences) 9 pages in chapter on Dissemination and Implementation
Reflect concern that greater emphasis should be placed on guideline implementation and evaluation
NICE (27) 2009 266 plus appendix Explain how NICE develops clinical guidelines Patient care and patient outcomes in the National Health Service as a whole 6-page chapter
Provide advice to guideline developers on technical aspects of guideline development and the methods used Cost/resources
NZGG (28) 2001 86 plus appendix To be used by guideline development teams, to assist them to produce evidence-base clinical practice guidelines Legislative, administrative, clinical, industrial, consumer 10-page chapter on Dissemination and Implementation with focus on implementation
SIGN (29) 2011 104 Provide a reference tool that may be used by individual members of guideline development groups as they work through the development process Local National Health Service board 5-page chapter
Allow users to see how SIGN guidelines are developed, and instill confidence … that the recommendations are both internally and externally valid, and feasible for practice
WHO (30) 2008 23 Document the recommended approach to development of WHO guidelines Global, public health
  1. COE, Council of Europe; NHMRC, National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia); NICE, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence; NZGG, New Zealand Guidelines Group; SIGN, Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network; WHO, World Health Organization.